Entrepreneur don’t beat yourself


lead: some start-up entrepreneurs often due to their own problems and crashed out of the sea, distraught. Few entrepreneurs share their ideas and lessons: authentication authorization, early and often in this world does not owe you anything.

some start-up entrepreneurs often due to their own problems and crashed out of the sea, distraught. In order to avoid the subsequent repeat, few entrepreneurs to share their experience and lessons: to verify their ideas, as soon as possible and often authorization, the world doesn’t owe you anything.

people always say that entrepreneurship is not easy, this statement is somewhat conservative, in fact, entrepreneurship is a very painful process. Sometimes, if you are on top of the world, but the rest of the time? You can only look at everything before you fall apart, but incapable of action, the heart is full of disappointment.

experienced entrepreneurs from the "post Zhu Geliang" type of reflection in the draw from the strength of the support of their perseverance, but the first venture is not so lucky. Every obstacle you can get stuck, give up before you have not really started, your entrepreneurial dream will be halted.

when you first venture, it is difficult to see the dawn of the future. A temporary setback appears continuously, and you may not be aware of, you are the biggest obstacles and enemies.

, however, such a situation is not uncommon. Every experienced entrepreneur has gone through your current predicament, and they’ve got one of the most important lessons: how to avoid becoming a stumbling block to the company’s success.

is the following three suggestions from other entrepreneurs:

before the start of the first test of their own creative

"when we first started, we didn’t have any communication with our clients, and we invested thousands of dollars. We want to create a blog network, and many of our results are completely wrong. The venture ended up in failure, and we didn’t even put the product in front of any customer." Clare: Herbert, founder of the

website CrowdfundingHacks to raise public

if you create a product that doesn’t have a clear market, or if the product you create is not what the customer wants, the end result can only be a waste of money. Entrepreneurs can easily fall into the trap of fast execution. When we are passionate about something, it is often difficult to resist the temptation to put our ideas into practice.


but your vision may be wrong. You may think that the idea is exactly what the customer wants, but the opposite is true.

Herbert said: "in the second venture, I asked the designer to create a prototype can be clicked. As a result, 90% of the solutions are not what my customers want, but they are interested in the simplest of the 10%. As a result, I can save $250 thousand on unnecessary opening

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