False friends in taobao com cheated million Yuan grand prize


days ago, Chongqing netizens laugh at the clouds "complained to reporters, said he was a fake Taobao" cheated 2350 yuan.

"I link to the taobaoiti.cn website, hanging above the taobao.com logo, also prompted I will get a prize.

"netizens laugh at sea" said later when he started his half believe and half doubt to browse the site, and found that the notary office of Zhejiang province and Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Bureau charging license text after he had confidence in the activity. Subsequently, in accordance with the prompts, he will be 2350 yuan prize money to the other side of the designated bank account. A few days later, the prize is without hearing a word about


reporter log on to the page to see that the style of the page and the real Taobao web page is very similar. At the same time, at the bottom of the site customer service hotline, users also suggested: "please take good care of your lucky user activity verification code, avoid others to steal impersonator, if lost the consequences." Reporters from the web page to see, very attractive: the grand prize winning activities to get 58000 yuan in cash and the Samsung Corp sent Q30 notebook computer.


address is taobaoiti.cn Taobao site is fake!" yesterday, the reporter made contact with the Taobao site, the staff said that the winning activity is held at Taobao, and this page URL (taobaoiti.cn) does not belong to taobao.com, the customer service hot line is fake. At present, they are ready to alarm rights. At the same time, the staff reminded, users encounter such a situation, it is best to call Taobao’s only customer service telephone consultation, so as not to be deceived." At the same time, Zhejiang notary office staff said they did not participate in the activities of the notary, and they are also ready to alarm to the public security organs.

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