A brief introduction to nine kinds of failure of the common performance of Taobao


people say happy families are the same, the unfortunate families each have a misfortune, we can also use this sentence to apply to the construction now Taobao customers, the success of Taobao – is the same, not the success of Taobao customers have their own failure lessons, let the author introduce nine kinds of failure of Taobao common performance


: want to rely on Taobao passenger Fadacai, this is because there are a lot of temptation and in some Taobao customers forum posts, such as some people may earn tens of thousands, which makes a lot of people eager to want to join Taobao last month million yuan to become family, but they often neglect the characteristics of Taobao customers in itself, it is the Taobao Custom Shop salesman, few people can make their own sales performance than production company, of course, those successful salesmen have their own free excellent customer resources, Taobao for most passengers do not have this advantage, so often the money is no ordinary sales do. So, want to rely on Taobao passenger Fadacai idea is often not practical, not the correct target will tend to bring the consequences of failure of


two: Taobao and Taobao as the guest guest, a lot of people all day on the Internet is in order to promote their product code, as long as they leave their mark on the Internet is not let go, so in the QQ group, blog, forum will have its own promotion link, every job is very tired but the effect is very poor, a link or a simple picture simply can not afford to hook people desire to buy, it also is to let oneself in the Taobao customer resources on the Internet can be a tool into cash, like Google or Baidu alliance alliance, if your web traffic is not so. The only way to make money and to click on ads comparable, but click on the ads to make money effect is very poor


three: no target Taobao guest, is doomed to failure, many passengers do see Taobao very too horrible to look at and even some owners own, are not willing to come to see, but he also put the entire page in half of the advertisements, you say that Taobao passenger network station can also make money? Even their own the target is not clear, talk about how to make money


four: Taobao is not willing to learn the guest, which is typical of failure, some people still think he is very clever, set up a Taobao customer base, and then links in these groups, this is a bit of selling fake the experts mean, you say this promotion methods are doomed to failure, so we must pay attention to the learning in the course of the construction of Taobao customers, learn some new methods you may succeed


five: not able to do Taobao, Taobao should know customer itself needs long-term adherence, if careful webmaster will find that Taobao is now able to make money off often for a few years, if you want to earn money when Taobao customer has just opened, it is basically impossible, when some Taobao guest insist on a period of time after they choose to quit, it is not natural to become.

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