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has been in stationmaster net diving, this writes.

flow – the core value of the site, how many people to his brains, research methods. How many website announced "bankrupt" because there is no traffic today! Why mention flow, because many owners have made the same mistake early in the site, we do is for the purpose of site traffic after advertising, I think a lot of people are preliminary ideas well, of course not including all the webmaster, advertising is really a lot of money? Except advertising is no other method


I think so far there should be many owners to give up a N site, because there is no traffic, no traffic is not to earn money, earn money will not be able to renew the domain name and server, which become a dead link. In this era of the Internet increasingly fine today, we should re position yourself, before doing a website is around the personal interest, now do I suggest that we should revolve around the "product" should be doing, we go to find that you understand sourcing products and can have a certain profit, such as you have adult goods purchase channels (many online consignment), then around Adult supplies to do a website, this time you can do an adult health knowledge website, knowledge websites or couples living sites, but also to show information, and use our own website to sell products to their adult advertising. As this website crowd positioning, namely learning knowledge and some of our people, this population has great potential for Adult supplies consumption, website traffic does not need very much, but the conversion rate is very strong. This is just a train of thought, there should be friends from all walks of life, why not use their own side to make use of the Internet to promote the use of.

I do not have any source of supply, but has been mixed in the Internet, now in the Taobao guest, but also make money.

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