Start the five step lore you can also a monthly income of one hundred thousand


for a group of friends after 90, they have now entered the community. College students entrepreneurship has become a hot topic. Whether it is a newly graduated college student, or just entered the university. Everyone has a dream: what do I have to do today to discuss the issue of entrepreneurship and find ways to find a project?.

who are unwilling to dull, I am no exception. In order to find a breakthrough, always do something. What should I do to find a good project?

yesterday evening, in my network marketing communication group, has called a small through friends talk about a problem: he is just entering freshmen, and then on the Internet is very interested, want to do a forum. The theme of the forum is to teach to enter the Internet industry friends website, incidentally teach some of the technical stuff.

friends, do you feel very familiar with this scene, because we were just because of such a small impulse, it is because of a similar idea suddenly cut into the Internet industry. Do webmaster, do project, do marketing. How are you doing today, have you reached your goals? Do you regret it? If you just want to give yourself a failure experience, an experience is still possible. After all, young people only is the lack of trial and error.


wrote so much just to do a foreshadowing, and now into the theme: how do we start, how to find a project, how to do the project. For new friends who want to start their own business, guardian Yuan Kun has been telling you the five step, are introduced.

, who do you want to earn money:


no matter what we do the project should consider: I think who make money, who are willing to pay for? The market is very large, do what is possible, the key is what people are our users? We must take their own fixed user group clear, so I want to make one money? Children, women, old man? According to user needs, in order to better serve customers.

two, what are the selling points of my products:

know who wants to make money, we need to give their products positioning. What do I want to do, what are the characteristics of my product (selling point) what? In this premise, to do an important thing: market research. What is the market? Do we have competitors of the same kind of products, how do they do? How do we go beyond (or characteristics)? What is the situation of my user group, where are they?

three: through what channels to promote out:

wine is also afraid of deep alley, not to mention our new products, we are the new project. Early publicity is very important. So what are our channels? Billing, outdoor advertisements, promotional activities such as advertising, bus line, or forum, blog, micro-blog, QQ and other online tools? Because market research link has been used.

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