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2013 is the year we Kindrid finally find their place in the market. From the beginning of April, the key indicators of business every month doubled or three times the growth.

we are from market research to product development, to beta testing, to achieve, to expand the scale, these are some of the key things I learned in these stages of change.

1 no single activity will be as important as they seem. Seminars, social, articles, presentations, product features, competitors. Are they important? Of course, but we usually over estimate their importance.

2 time should be spent on developing an exciting product, rather than trying to find a surprise in a boring product.

3 artificial allocation of time and money to encourage innovation and find out what is the most important.

4 when you have to make a choice to force the deadline and reduce the size of the product, choose the latter.

5 your sixth sense is usually right.

6 you can learn from a wrong decision, but a decision that will never let you learn anything.

7 any decision is assumed unless the market proves it. Don’t be embarrassed by the reversal of direction.

8 firm mission, strategic adjustment, product iterative development.

The value of

9 is directly related to the speed of its implementation.


10 team is more important than anything else.

11 existing customers are more concerned than those you expect.

The failure of

12 products can be sustained, will not damage your reputation, but the failure of customer service is fatal.

13 is a kind of art.

14 the nuance of your situation is unique. Resist the temptation to follow others’ plays.

15 people like to work in a growing company, but people prefer to work in a growing company.

16 sometimes you feel like a failure. Don’t be discouraged.

17 sometimes you will feel very successful. Don’t take credit.

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