Technology knows more money but less money


I remember 2 years ago, with many workers, think through their own spare time to earn extra money, after all, their own in a strange city life is not easy, to buy a decent house became the first of my goals, in this snobbery society, the house has been the essential existence of marriage.

in a chance to know a net friend, through him, I know the money through the network, there is now a very popular profession called Wangzhuan, if you find the right way, every month to earn thousands of dollars by Wangzhuan is not very difficult. The news made me excited for a while, and immediately decided to follow him on the internet.

According to

he gave me advice, I decided to build a website to make money through advertising on the network, I almost utterly ignorant of, the issue is usually also on the Internet, chat, the construction site is a very sophisticated technology for me, previously unthinkable. But friends told me that it is not difficult to build a website, as long as the Dreamweaver8 learned the software, you can quickly build a website.

so, I immediately began to learn Dreamweaver8, it took about 2 weeks, I can basically understand the meaning of the web page code, and can be a simple modification of the site’s code. Then, my friends gave me a simple web page template, the template I set up a simple modification built his first website (URL not mentioned), and then add a few articles every day, or to other sites to copy, and then modified slightly under a oiwn on the website, so stick to 3 months or so, my website in Baidu, Google and other search engine rankings, flow began to rise, so I applied for an advertising alliance, ready to start making money.

after that everything is going well, about 2 weeks after the advertising application is successful, I’ll send the ad code on my website, when he brings me to the revenue of about $1, to see their own achievements, I began to admire themselves, not 4 months ago I heard of a network to make money this thing, but now I can earn 1 dollars every day through the network, I’m so excited.

in order to achieve good results, earn more money, I had to work harder, to go around to promote my website, the only purpose is to maximize the website in search engine ranking, only the ranking is up, there will be Everfount flow, the flow is equal to the money. Hard work pays off, and after 3 months of hard work, my website ranking reached almost enviable degree, a lot of money and the relevant keywords ranking are very near before Baidu, make my site every day can reach about 3 thousand of the traffic, but also to earn dollars over good a few, probably every month can earn 4 thousand yuan.

at that time I could hardly believe that such a simple website should be given to me every month

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