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passenger operations now have a lot of friends rely on this model to make money, there are a lot of friends complain more and more difficult to earn money, a long time ago I also wrote articles about the guest told Taobao is different from the traditional click patterns, even click on the ads of traditional mode of play inherent skill.

first click on the click advertising model

click on the ads to Google Adsense, many small and medium-sized websites rely on this kind of advertising profits, but with the development, some people began to study Google Adsense, how to quickly make advertising costs, so have a concept that is rubbish station group. The so-called garbage station is to get the search engine traffic for the purpose, even the black hat SEO gimmick, not for the purpose of business, large quantities of garbage site, it has become a garbage station group. If a station can get 1 thousand IP from the search engine, then the 10 station is 10 thousand IP, the 100 is 100 thousand IP, as long as the easy to click on the location to the Google Adsense ad, click on the assumption of rate control in 2%, then 100 thousand IP will produce 2000 click, click for an average of 5 cents, then a day’s income is 1000 yuan, with 30 thousand yuan in advertising revenue a month.

of course, in this way, the operation is much more difficult, but the station group model has just begun, many rely on this type of advertising to earn money, absolutely more than the regular operation of the station to make money. But today, the garbage collection has become increasingly difficult to survive, and with the development of the network, a number of regular stations gradually out of their own way, and finally developed into a project, enterprises.

talk about Taobao CPS unique model

CPS is not what the new model, the earliest as outstanding Dangdang CPS, we all know that the 2 CPS alliance can still be done, some of the other B2C website promotion out is very difficult, so CPS can not become the mainstream of the advertising model. The reason is that Taobao customers for the new CPS model, (1) Taobao guest is a platform, above the merchant and Taobao off (2) relying on Taobao, no account barriers. Because CPC is different, Taobao customers not only to attract users to click, more users need to consume, Taobao customers can get the corresponding commission. So Taobao customers need to be more skillful than CPC advertising. For example, the choice of products, accurate traffic, the content of the page, and so many factors will affect the final sales performance. And these details of the factors, with the development of Taobao customers, will become more and more intense, which is now a lot of Taobao customers complain why traffic is large, but the Commission is getting lower and lower reasons. This article on the analysis of three common Taobao customer profitability for the purpose of the site.

first: pure Taobao customer products site

such sites such as integrated API Taobao guest site, or a single page of Taobao guest site, without any of their own content, the site’s content is all Taobao >

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