n addition to the site can rely on advertising to make money


often at the forum saw a lot of personal webmaster asked: how to make money do now? In addition to advertising can also do what? I am personal webmaster, not too many say, combined with their own website simple talk:

I site Science Education Network: www.xuegle.com, the waves may be lucky for me, I may be positioning good, line on the website will soon be the major search engines, in a month is realized to make money, also once in the webmaster nets published me is how to make money, was very much skeptical. I did not do too much to explain, so you do know. Now IP 3000-5000, if it is to do advertisement Union, enough the daily expenses; the real money is service, you into my website, if you can understand how I make money, very simple, I have a tutor program website, at present I rely on this, recommend a success tutor, I charge 100 yuan or more, you can calculate if one day 2, 3 or even more, of course, sometimes one day no one, you can do this a market survey, I have also published similar articles, you can search the web.

PS: the strength of the individual webmaster is slim, you have no money, no human, what?. Do personal webmaster, you must understand yourself, understand the market, to give yourself and the site a correct positioning, do not completely for the flow and blind do stand, consider the conversion rate of flow. For example, you can put "T-shirt" to do the first, then a IP may be able to let you earn several thousand, what does this mean? I don’t care about that individual stationmaster surface, don’t do portal or navigation website, so only one column, no, solid content, no customer access and what is the use? I recommend you do business class service website, to "local + + service industry". Think more, more innovation.

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