An entrepreneur’s 10 years of reflection persistence is not always right


Fu Pengpeng (vice president of the | wohua



How can I

for the 2013 to 2014 ending, and how to deal with? This time the issue has been lingering in the mind, summary is painful, because you may not lose face scars, and you never know what will get lost again.

just said a few days ago, and a customer "bye bye! We don’t do!" era wohua founded 10 years, is not the first time give customers more than once to get a client racking his head. Some things, which is summed up in the ups and downs of the experience, every addition at the same time, have to do subtraction as starting point. Just as we decided to focus on the development of outdoor equipment brands and film marketing customers, we must know how to give up some other customers, to be able to make up the hands and feet.

in the development process of the company for 10 years, the harvest in failure, harvest in advance, always believe that success is an illusion, only at the foot of the road is true, compared with passion and inspirational singing, these external cheer, sometimes in silence to the outbreak of the most powerful, and reflection with a company these years of development.

these years, we have some accumulation, the accumulation is not something golden laws and precious rules are some thoughts, some things still need to go through the test of practice, some things may itself is not right, just as our experience, but we have some courage to take criticism.

insist is not necessarily right, see how to adhere to

entrepreneurs need not hit back wall is not courage, but can not hit the south wall, why hit? Many people take project compared to their children, until the last moment never give up, but there is a word called "premature death reborn", if in the face of the rapid change of the PR industry and the needs of customers do not understand work, then it may not exist in the era of wohua.

in our development process, experienced at least three times on business transformation, from the initial investment to test the technology of network marketing, to integrate the PR, until now the deep outdoor equipment industry and movie marketing. In addition to the last change, two changes other than take the initiative to change, as it is the survival of persecution, drove along the walk.

someone might think you such a change, will not lose the core competitiveness, lost the direction of development, to tell the truth, when I was weak this problem plagued us, but now want to know is, what is the change in persistence, or changes in the backbone, we chose the former. We never forget their PR company identity, also did not forget their ability to settle down.

on this basis, for the good prospects of the business customers, no decisive cut, encounter, ensure every year to carry back.

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