After the team sold the founders left


if the company can not be listed, it can sell a good price, but also the ideal choice. This reality is usually fermented into a roll and the consequences. As for when to leave, just a matter of time.


if the company can not be listed, it can sell a good price is the ideal choice. This is the reality of many entrepreneurs subconsciously agree. But the reality is usually a consequence: the founder of fermentation roll. As for when to leave, just a matter of time.

if you carefully clawed the details of the acquisition, will find a variety of interests of the struggle inside story. Although Xu will sigh: "Alas, hit upon him (the founder) to do so, also forced!" or "well, he (the founder) this result is entirely to blame,


Tencent technology is now wholly owned acquisitions or strategic investment venture team, combing, hoping to give you inspiration –


founder make sacrifices to stabilize the morale of the troops

company: 91 wireless, glutinous rice, potato net

when the acquirer and the acquirer’s business is highly coincident, in order to maximize the value of some business lines, Department teams, and even the founder had to make sacrifices. Such as Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan said in an internal e-mail this week, 91 mobile assistant CEO will no longer serve as CEO..

91 wireless and Baidu mobile terminal business there are three major coincidence: mobile distribution business, gaming, mobile reading service. In the depth of the integration of the two companies, Baidu to make a strategy: the establishment of Baidu mobile application distribution team and Baidu consumer business group, so that the two companies overlap business team merger. Behind the adjustment, is the original 91 wireless executives out, Baidu executives took over the entire wireless 91.

founder Hu Zemin in order to stabilize the morale of the troops, only in 91 wireless hanging a title: Director of Baidu 91. This means not directly involved in day-to-day management, but in making a major decision is to give advice.

is quite different from Hu Zemin, founder of potato network, (micro-blog). After the completion of potatoes and Youku about half a year of integration, Wang Wei announced his resignation, and then almost all of the potato department executives leave, the grassroots staff turnover rate of 50%. As well as the acquisition of Baidu glutinous rice network, its founder Shen Boyang in Baidu fully take over the team, and gradually fade out of people’s vision, to a very moving resignation letter expressed his dismay.

can be seen by a large company annexation of the team, the situation in the future is not completely controlled by the founder and team. Little value and significance to continue to retain, rather than by her attitude to start all over again. Wang Wei is now doing animation, served as president of China LinkedIn, have started the second phase of entrepreneurship.

2, did not regret leaving


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