nternet way to sell sanitary cotton the rise of Hello Flo


generally, when a YouTube video viewing volume reaches 4 million times in 4 days, you may have reason to think with Justin · (Justin Bieber). But Hello Flo’s first advertising is not the case. This is called "The Camp Gyno" advertising creative, slightly subversive, in the aspects of viral marketing success. The ad actor is not Bibb, but a precocious girl, her roommate and several sanitary napkins.


a few hours on-line in the advertising, advertising "weekly" (Ad Week) will be rated as "the best advertising", since then, praised the sound can be heard without end. "Huffington post" (Huffington Post) said that this is the world’s history of the best sanitary cotton advertising". Buzzfeed website said that the ad "amazing", "very funny" and "flawless"". For the evaluation of these issues is appropriate, you have to judge it yourself.

the ad also make health cotton monthly subscriptions Flo Hello virtual cash registers ringing. The service was launched in March this year, has been mentioned several times in the technology blog, but rarely mentioned in other places. "It takes me an hour to do what I used to do for a month." Hello Flo founder · Bloom (Naama Bloom NAMA) said.

Hello Flo mode is not new. This model pioneered by the cosmetics trial service Birchbox and razor delivery service DollarShaveClub, the two have now become a successful example of e-commerce. For Hello Flo users pay a monthly fee of $14 to 18, will be able to receive a thoughtful box, there are health, sanitary napkins, cotton pads and candy free gifts. This service ensures that the delivery time is in line with the woman’s physiological cycle.

Bloom said, Hello Flo’s goal is to eliminate menstruation bring boredom, embarrassment and uncertainty. She wrote on the company’s website: "one day, I once again at lunch time hurried to pharmacies to buy Sanitary napkins. Then I felt I had to find a better way to manage my physiology. I don’t want to mention almost transparent, filled with health cotton plastic bags through the office; when I arrive the physiological cycle, I don’t want to be taken by surprise; (RE) below I sink has three pack half tampons and pads, I don’t want to add a package."

Bloom is 40 years old, has a marketing experience for the past 9 years, the first is for Express (American), and later worked in a technology start-up company. Therefore, she is not blindly engaged in this business. > > >

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