Learning SEO can only rely on their own


now graduated students are thinking, do not love working for others, love their own boss, one of my college classmates graduated not long now is your own business, I’ve always admired his courage, because when we are ready to do a few people together, but I for the Internet is not very understanding, so on the back. Now I look at his company slowly developing, I think this is a good start, at least he insisted in the right direction.

I and one of his recent meeting in 51 when he saw great changes have taken place, how could I have been very curious about a people who do not know how SEO do website optimization about this business, he always said SEO is relying on its own exploration and learning, do not expect others to teach you. As for why in this industry, I think we all know, because with the development of network, people’s business has undergone great changes, changes in the way may be prompted because of the emergence of the Alibaba, resulting in China’s trade to the development of the network, Taobao is a good example, we are the more that the Internet is changing our life.

how to make your site to attract more customers? I think the following aspects should be taken into account.

1 website business model requires innovation


site is now too many kinds of forms, how to make their sites. It is certainly talent shows itself, cannot do without innovation, do not know if you have such a feeling, that form the content of many sites are similar, there is a direct copy of the past, this website I want to be impressed the impression to the people, so in the construction site, the design of internal site should be required to spend some time thinking about, and then the content of the website is, should also if can attract, the so-called innovation can develop


2 user experience

talking about the user experience we are not unfamiliar, but also to emphasize the point in many articles, we look at the good website their user experience is very high, so here I think the most important site may not be profitable, but the content of the site itself, we only based on their own, to talk about some other things, Baidu is also in the unceasing change, it also shows that the user experience low site will eventually eliminated, but also will not get good rankings


3 content is always more important than the form

in this extremely common Internet era, users have not seen what the website form? No matter how gorgeous appearance, but also to attract users to the website to see the signposts only, and not to become a real site. This guide is certainly important, but not the core of the site. The core of a website is always the content of the website. The quality of a web site depends fundamentally on the quality of its core and content. So, do a personal site, when the

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