Feelings about the new alliance and the Alliance


I have come to a stage of the crackdown. The little league have swarmed into the sky. There will be some PZ (liar union). Also remember that when people curse this curse in the group that day, do not lie. In fact, the most important thing is their own reasons, always want to do a high commission, clearing fast. But have you ever thought of the actual problems in the message? Now the general mobile and large SP is divided into 2.5-8.5 / 3/7 into the Unicom is not including bad debts. Therefore, the league is divided into our limited, generally divided into 5 of us even if the higher than the actual proportion, it must be a liar. Because the purpose of the alliance is to make money. There is the problem of bad debts. Are now 3 days to confirm, in general, the value of the return is always the reference value, if the Union in accordance with this value to you into, then the 80% is a liar. So we’d better look at the alliance generally choose how many people do this alliance, if someone received a commission before, if the new alliance will be careful, best to clarify some detail problems, such as:

1, support mobile and Unicom (related to how much the amount of our registration)

2, the settlement time

3, tax problems

4, the problem of bad debts

5, conventional treatment (if the cheater alliance is very loose, as long as you can give him money because they are not going to do much for a long time)

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