Men open shop specifically to rescue MLM trapped personnel per million yuan


Wuhan, a man opened a shop in the Taobao online, said they provide professional services to help and save his life, to persuade people to fall into the mlm. He opened the service price is ten thousand yuan to save one person. Yesterday, the reporter left by its contact with the QQ, the man claimed that he had caught MLM experience, and has a unique way to help and persuade people into mlm. Save the idea after

initiation experience marketing

yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw a strange shop in Taobao online: the owner is not selling goods, but claimed to provide professional services to lay down his life to save, can fall into the MLM friend, each save a person 10 thousand yuan, the first payment after.

left through the shop in the QQ number, the reporter contacted the network called "blue box" merchant. The owner claimed surnamed Zhang, 27 years old this year, Huanggang, graduated from Hubei University, worked in Wuhan for many years. My original job is to do marketing planning, but at the beginning of the year was an acquaintance cheated Guangxi Nanning MLM, fled after I had the idea to open shop to save."

Zhang said, after being cheated to Nanning, I was a classmate of Hangzhou, the use of reverse stimulation makes me wake up. I think I can use this method to save others."

MLM market space to save large

according to Zhang analysis, the general method of persuasion, are directly tell you that this is a pyramid scheme, where its loopholes, where is the secret of it. "This kind of preaching is difficult to play a role in many MLM personnel." Zhang believes that the use of reverse stimulus law on this type of people is very effective. "The method that I use is, I tell him I am interested in this project, let him persuade me, then I ask some questions that he cannot answer at all, let him go. Because they are very smart, can wake up." Zhang claimed to have successfully rescued 6 MLM friends through this way.


thinks his business will have a lot of market space. Because pyramid schemes in a very long period of time will not be extinct, even in the United States is very perfect law, pyramid schemes are still prevalent. There is a lot of demand, and no one else is competing with me. I swear I will be the first person in China to save the country."

remote persuade save only "southern"

Zhang said, now Chinese MLM has been divided into the South and the North sent two. Northern school is all some people who have no money, to restrict the freedom of this pyramid body particularly strict, help them to make money, occasionally there is time to help obligation. School personnel management personnel is relatively loose, free, and members of the family is more wealthy."

Zhang said, in southern MLM family looking for him to go to the rescue, they need to be out to another city to persuade. "So I can convince it completely." Zhang said he was generally taken to persuade different places, because the success rate is much higher than the traditional persuasion. According to Zhang introduced in the pyramid scheme

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