Grapefruit with big data but not only do the physiology of the management


with the arrival of the era of big data, and personal health related mobile Internet Project suddenly became a hot entrepreneurial direction. Due to the young women’s health concerns are far greater than men, so many entrepreneurs will be in the field of health business goals for women.

this type of application, and the application of female physiological period is particularly hot. Xiamen after 85 entrepreneurs Chen Fangyi also chose to start again in the field of application, they launched the grapefruit in the growth rate has exceeded the aunt and PT pioneer.

"but we like and aunt you are essentially different. We look like the outside of a menstrual software, in fact, is not the case, in essence, we are doing an analysis of the software. The most important thing we do is upload data, and then after the analysis and the recommendations of the record, the other two have not done." Chen Fangyi said.

In fact, the reason why Chen Fangyi

will apply the name of grapefruit, but also because he did not want to do the female physiology management, but hope that your application can do to help women’s overall health.

but whether it is to do the physiology of the management or daily health, grapefruit methods are the same, that is to reduce the cost of the user input data, and then using a large data analysis, give relevant suggestions.

core: data acquisition and analysis

Chen Fangyi recently participated in a delegation to Israel, visited a lot of Israeli Internet Co. One of the companies impressed him.

, the company has been the recovery of patients after surgery, they will restore the body and the game together, so that some of the original boring body recovery becomes very interesting. For example, a broken arm needs to continue the recovery of arm movement, the company will be the movement and play hamster game together, let the patients complete recovery training in the game.

this is our biggest inspiration is how to reduce the user’s information input costs." Chen Fangyi said. As a female physiological period of management as the core of the application, access to women’s physiological period of the relevant data is the most basic work, there is no data out of the question.

but for now, users still have to manually enter their height and weight and physiological data, which increases the cost of user use. Grapefruit approach is to give some incentives to users, allowing users to have the power to take the initiative to fill in the data.

Chen Fangyi also admitted that they still do not good enough in this regard, he is also considering whether there is no need to manually enter the user data acquisition methods. "We will do hardware." He said. Intelligent hardware is perhaps the best way to get data directly.

to get data, the analysis becomes the key.

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