earned twenty thousand yuan in to join the ranks of the ranks of the owners 2


Hello, 2011 has been officially over, in 2012, the webmaster to adjust their mentality, in fact, the master is very bitter, but is also very happy, hope that the webmaster can grasp the self direction in the new year, do a good webmaster. I wrote an article, < years to earn twenty thousand yuan; let me join the ranks of webmaster > the click rate is high, the case is not recommended home page click rate is 1000, also have a lot of friends and contact me about Wangzhuan experience, I continue to write this story, I hope to help


at the end of 05, a girl invested 2000 yuan found on the Internet, let me help him change her Wangzhuan program, I see her original screenshot at the time, know how she runs this site, I think, she is younger than me, I can come up with two thousand yuan of money to the revision of this program, (time, 05 the two thousand yuan is not a small project) that this girl is not easy, and I started talking to her how to make money, she thought I was competing with her project, and did not let me go to her website Wangzhuan program. Then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Through this conversation, I learned that her Wangzhuan way to make money, it is through the website advertisement alliance to us is 10 yuan a task, then we will give users is 7 yuan, the three yuan is what we earn, in time to understand this idea, we must make a this website, I have this plan in the first row of position.

at the beginning of 06, is the second of the first semester, she began making Wangzhuan Wangzhuan form, to learn ASP program, with the popular "Three Musketeers as a platform to engage in a higher into website, at that time still engage in relatively good, can get good code can get advertising alliance so, this project has been upheld, because the site is Wangzhuan form, many advertising code is not directly to the trial data, want to share with us, then I decided to do a sharing website, a simple program I use ASP code, is to submit the background content, content reception so, a simple website, the website in a few weeks on the line, after several months of promotion, website has a little improvement, one day is hundreds of traffic flow Stable, there are probably thousands of records, and then I put the site to the advertising alliance for advertising, a lot of advertising code can apply for. The ad code is on the web, but the advertising effect or not see how, so I put two sites together, and together with the download site Wangzhuan site put into use, the effect is quite good.

was only 07 years, so the effect of maintaining the status quo will not increase the income, so keep in online learning, the understanding of the thunderbolt alliance and alliance express, all of them are the best software download site, at that time, and understand that they have their own advertising alliance system, that is their own data download site with their download software code will be able to make money, but I >

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