honestly do Ali mother was K process


I site is a flash station, I put the mom code on the flash when loaded into the display 10 seconds, this position I also consulted the mom that bird want service, she answered me this position may not work well, I asked her that this position allowed it, she said. The leadership, after a few minutes she still answer the leadership did not say, I get the answer is this position does not explicitly say is not allowed, I will put the code up, 2 weeks after the mother bird to give me a letter, you have cancelled the abnormal data, click billing function I, oh ~ ~ can only sell advertising space, we can search the Internet, a lot of people advertising, so this situation and I have consulted, and did not say no to this, and I am writing to reflect,,,, didn’t give any reason, all is the responsibility to you. That is to say, they think that this is the result of your problem, not their customer service problems, and reply to me is that you stand for click, I kuangyun, you do not give me, I can change the position, so why cancel me? Why do I advice when you call don’t tell me later? Don’t give me any explanation for