Entrepreneurial Culture derived from 11 in a small piece of wisdom


it is well known that entrepreneurship is not an overnight thing, it requires a basic entrepreneurial culture, and this culture comes from all aspects of life. Because, every good as will temper the quality, every little minds will be derived from the wisdom. The following from the following 11 small piece in look culture reflects the wisdom of entrepreneurship!

1, performance appraisal.

jokes: "what time, light is disciplined, they want to get meritorious service, there is no such thing. – Yi Shu "

entrepreneurial culture: do any one industry, have to be on the job performance. With a strong sense of autonomy, and the most efficient and free of the work of the melody, know what they are doing, what to do, willing to do so, and can do so, but also to succeed in the end. If only for performance and work, and fill in the blanks that do almost rest on its laurels, dialing a toggle easily, all the consequences of mechanization is to expand and fall apart.

2, humanized management.

jokes: "the wind can blow up a blank paper, but can’t blow away a butterfly, because life force is not obedient. – Feng Jicai "

entrepreneurial culture: human management has never been too much dogmatic tyranny, if your management is tending to 100% prevention and monitoring, then the water to clear without fish, the results can be imagined. The humanized management has never been excessive entertainment room forced to play is good, but too much formalism will only make the team to vanity.

3, the public is sincere.

piece: "one day, a 80 year old mother to dinner and asked the waiter:" I only have 2 dollars, I want to drink the soup. " Because the old lady’s ears can not hear clearly, speak is not clear, then I can clearly feel the old lady that kind of helpless mood, the old lady almost cried. Then the waiter brought a bowl of rice soup, her mother-in-law saw there are eggs, quickly said, ‘I don’t want meat, I have only two dollars The waiter said, ‘mother in law this does not need money, slowly eats…’ ‘

entrepreneurial culture: regardless of any entrepreneurial projects, it has its own side of the public, the social usefulness is one of the fundamental premise of its existence. Public service is the essence of sincerity, is that care is to move, is a real dedication. A small behavior, it reflects your entrepreneurial culture; a little touched, will also be the most effective diffusion marketing.

4, the target can also humor.

scripts: an arithmetic problem: people = eat + sleep + work + play, pig = eat + sleep, people = pig + work + play, people – play = pig + work, do not know who will play the pig. Men = eat + sleep + earn money, men = pigs + money, men – earn money = pig, conclusion: men do not make money is equal to pigs. Women = eat + sleep + spend money, women = pigs + spend money, women – money = pig, conclusion: women do not spend money equal to pigs."