How do get my share of the monthly income of 3000 by Sina micro blog


today to share with you how I do Sina through micro-blog I have a monthly income of 3000 last year, micro-blog is also just out, micro-blog didn’t know how to make money, but also a friend said to me, I am working in our city information industry park, the inside of the network company a lot. My friends go to work in a company which is their company is micro-blog marketing staff, the positive wage could reach about 3000, playing shows micro-blog is still very profitable. I was around January this year to start operating micro-blog. Below to share with you how I operate the fans now do more than 120 thousand.

first: how to choose micro-blog website?

now the domestic micro-blog site is relatively large Sina, Tencent, Sohu. Secondly, the second line of a little network, such as the second line is not introduced. I do is micro-blog Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog, I also recommend here first, sina is the first to do micro-blog, Sina second micro-blog uses micro-blog’s third independent domain name, Sina blog, many famous people from all walks of life are in use, which makes Sina micro-blog opened to attract a large number of registered members.

second: content theme selection?

this is a little with our webmaster website do consider what industry will stand before the website or on what content sites, micro-blog is also the same material, to be precise, so as to get more fans, not what content is released, so that micro-blog’s quality will be greatly reduced.

third: micro-blog promotion how to get fans

here I just introduced as my own way, when we first started and no fans, I choose the mutual powder this method is of mutual concern, the dissemination of micro-blog content that lets you quickly released out for others to see, is sure to have friends asked me where to find people to interact with us this powder, you can add QQ group. When the fans reached 500 or so, you can join a lot of content with the theme of the micro-blog group, each published an article forwarded to the group inside, so you can attract more people to pay attention to you. As long as you stick to it, you will succeed.

fourth: how to make money by micro-blog?

In fact, micro-blog

money is also to others advertising, usually send a hundreds of it depends on the amount of fans for you, if you do micro-blog content is about Home Furnishing industry, basically you have 5W many fans will send someone asked you to publish an ad information. Some people may not even know the micro-blog marketing advantage, I am here with you to explain it, when you have a 5W fan, you release a micro-blog, you 5W fans of micro-blog home page will appear that you have just released the micro-blog, and not only your fans to see the fans and can see, this is much better than email marketing, you send 5W email may have many of them into the junk mail box. Also send 5W mail