China traffic channel website


China traffic channel ( was founded in the early twenty-first Century, Liaoning Frierson transportation construction limited company subordinate information center, to create one of the most professional traffic information platform for a Chinese.


The main sources of

information: government departments, construction units, research institutes, project headquarters, major transportation institutions and other related units and major media at home and abroad.

editor: from the forefront of the transport industry, with a wealth of professional knowledge and industry experience.

developers: are engaged in the IT industry for many years, the industry veteran.

managers: from the first line of transportation or network industry.


in addition, we also widely absorb well-known experts in all aspects of social practical experience, enrich the technology website, ensure the website of professional, forward-looking, fast, comprehensive, accurate and authoritative.


focus on the seven key channels:

, information channel

traffic information channel

timely, accurate and comprehensive information service industry, so you can in the first time to grasp the traffic industry trends, insight into the advanced technology, the latest project information, enjoy the information age style.

two, download channel

traffic data download channel, to provide you with a large number of transportation industry software, traffic engineering information, traffic group program, transportation policies and regulations and other related information to download the transportation industry. 80% free download.

three, recruitment channel

traffic recruitment channel, with the work easy to find, easy to recruit talent as the concept for the enterprise and individual users to create a convenient and efficient recruitment / job platform.

four, audio channel

traffic audio and video channels, to give you a new way to browse news, information, with the intuitive video effects, so that we can more easily watch..

five, supply and demand channel

traffic supply and demand channel, provide a mutual benefit, good faith and fair business exchange platform for customers, the traditional national purchasing and trading activities into a high efficiency, high efficiency, low cost, high professional new electronic commerce mode, allows you to grasp the enormous business opportunities of communication industry, towards glory.

six, transportation forum

traffic forum, bridges, tunnels, highways, with engineering software and other industries related to the design and construction of communication and the picture display section, is a good place for everyone to communicate, you can set your experience to share with everyone in the design and construction experience, here you can seek help, answer questions, published news. Is your exchange, learning, improve the ideal world, in order to facilitate the majority of Internet users to learn.