Google today launched the Chinese version of AdSense blog


      Google today launched the AdSense Chinese blog, which also means that Google began to really pay attention to China’s AdSense publishers, trying to provide them with more guidance and help. Interestingly, this new blog is set up on the subdomain name of the Google board:

      this approach is very Chinese characteristics, because the official blog Google are generally built on the blogspot above, and did not use the other independent domain name. At the same time, we may also see that in the future Google to build other products in the Chinese blog, it may be the way to use the seed domain name. The AdSense Chinese blogs have three introductory articles, the latest in a "AdSense" – misleading policy shows that will make many webmaster shame, because Google publicly and explicitly pointed out that most of the domestic AdSense download website advertising style is wrong. If your site is the same, please correct immediately, because Google is now likely to step up inspection of the situation from now on. In addition, Google also pointed out that the other two kinds of domestic and foreign websites and blog are widespread misleading means, and made it clear that " found that such sites will take stringent measures ".

      AdSense Chinese blog is also not open comment function, if you want to say something, please email to [email protected], or enter the Chinese version of Groups AdSense speak.

      AdSense Chinese blog is set to belong to AdSense in the process of localization in China, I hope Google’s earlier commitment to the localization of payment can also be honored as soon as possible. (commissioning editor admin01)

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