7 fatal mistakes in the marketing process of start up companies


Beijing on September 4th news, according to foreign media reports, Steli Sales Service Co, ElasticSales co-founder and chief evangelist, as well as many start-up companies and enterprise sales consultant, he is following to start-up company’s marketing business for an article written on the subject.


The 7 fatal error prone

startups in the marketing process (Tencent technology plan)

ElasticSales has been fortunate to serve a number of Silicon Valley start-ups, to help them carry out and operate the company’s marketing activities. Every week, we will discuss with a number of start-up companies to understand the challenges faced by these sales team. In the service process many times, we have accumulated some experience, but also found a lot of problems, a lot of young start-ups in the marketing activities are easy to make the same mistakes, and these mistakes can be avoided.

listed below are listed in the marketing process easy to make 7 fatal errors, hoping to provide some reference for the start-up company’s marketing activities.

1 is not enough to understand your customers. Many start-up companies will be the user needs of the general situation. Although your product or service is aimed at a particular market, you need to understand that each of your customers are facing different challenges. Many of the founders of the product will be carried out before the sale of some of the survey, but not for the specific needs of users and difficult questions raised. They just praise their products off the reel, how many useful features. Although the founder of his own creative passion is understandable, but also can not be ignored on the user’s understanding.

2 product sales can not meet the needs of target customers. Most startups will be very detailed description of their products a variety of additional features, but not for the customer really need to solve the problem. To do this, as a startup, you must understand the customer’s needs by asking. If you want to get a potential customer, you have at least two or more of the products that make the user feel useful, rather than the product you want to add to the of the 100 functions.

The founder of

3 does not have "close contact" with the customer, and it will lose a lot of opportunities. Most startups don’t sell their products themselves, and they don’t come to the site to get in touch with customers. This experience is very important for start-up companies, they lost in vain. First, the founder has lost the opportunity to develop a long-term customer relationship with the most immediate customer. Second, they lose the opportunity to get immediate feedback from their customers, and these feedbacks generally provide the best advice for the improvement of the company’s products and services.

4 startups do not keep following up. A lot of startups marketing activities will not follow up, or to follow up on the one or two

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