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I engaged in Amoy money on half a year, rich experience! Here are some of my experiences, I hope to just enter Amoy industry novice some help. This is your job for someone with a full-time network. It is very important to strengthen the planning of the work. Set your year, month, week, the big goals small, so it is easy to operate. Special attention should be paid to set up their own weekly; clear indicators must be clear to the specific guest orders or website traffic index, how much income etc.. With a clear indicator, you know what you have to do every day.

below to talk to you every day to complete the task. In order to ensure that you can make money!

1: adhere to the post every day, at least 100, it will have access to your guest post links, not only has the Amoy commodity link, the best way to contact you or QQ group: such as: pro, I engaged in online shopping for many years, has a lot of shopping experience, summed up what is most suitable for use in summer skin care products to recommend to you, you can go and see, not good, never mind, if you do not buy can contact me QQ:116358816 or join my shopping QQ group: 61754820, what need you can find me Oh! This shopping is likely to buy directly, not shopping perhaps in your kindness help to buy, and you left the QQ group can also produce repeated consumption for


2: add at least 10 QQ group every day, go shopping, skin care and so on search keyword QQ group, are shopping people! Don’t go up advertising, advertising is very easy to give others a bad impression, the masses will be T out, often participate in group members in the group chat, to help others encounter problems can help solve, so we are familiar with it, shopping group mostly Master shopping, such as diet group are discussed to lose weight, you can use your own experiences, in what what product effect is very good, this way the products recommended for everyone, the conversion rate is high.

3 day to blog anonymous posting publicity. We must leave their QQ or

guest website!

4 in the major sites to establish their own Taobao shopping guide blog, updated every day 2~3 article, most of your shopping guide website keywords ranking helpful;

5 every night to check the completion of the day, check the completion of the indicators, and constantly revise their work objectives. Continue to seek better ways to promote.

no matter what, the mentality is very important, as long as there is broadband, as long as you have ambition, as long as there are Taobao, no matter where you are, will not be marginalized. Competitive footing becomes equal to the small and large, small shrimp whale can on an equal footing. I believe I can succeed!

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