When you decide to start a business on the nternet this article may give you a new idea


Most of the

into the Internet business people want to earn a lot of money in the market, but for most Internet entrepreneurs is puzzled, really earn a lot of money is very rare……

actually spent a lot of money, learn a lot of knowledge: site, SEO, Baidu bidding……

also spent a lot of money, invested a lot of projects, operating a lot of products……

can…… To this knowledge is useless, these projects, products have a problem? If we do not discuss these issues,

another point of view, we have to ask a question: the real money is to sell a single product to different people fast; or to grab a group of people to continue to promote different products to these people fast?

you will answer: of course, the latter is faster, I bought a product of people have confidence in me, to sell his products, of course, easier than to strangers!

I can buy a lot of products on the Internet, and I rarely encounter buyers can buy the product after I continue to serve me, let me continue to buy things in his.

did we ignore anything?……

here are two words: one is the market segments: Based on products, in a market segment products. For example: Wang Laoji, JDB herbal tea market……. The other is a niche market: market segmentation. For example, the elderly can be given according to their needs: health care products, fitness equipment for the elderly, the elderly health seminars and services……

if you’re a big business, it’s not a problem to have enough money to hit a market segment. But we are small and medium enterprises, or not much capital entrepreneurs, if you do the market segments, or to fight the market products, there is no strength of the basic will soon fail.

may be a matter of fact, most Internet entrepreneurs are product based thinking, to get a product, or the development of a project, so desperately to make flow, continuous development of new customers, products sell open, very happy.

but you will soon find similar products everywhere, the price lower than yours, something better than you


helpless, and began to find products, re looking for customers…… Such a cycle, do not say to earn a lot of money, do not say tired, looking for new customers that is the most difficult!


if I say it’s time to get a good understanding of the niche market, will it get your attention?

niche market is the foundation of Internet design business model. Many successful Internet companies are creating a niche market survival, said a larger Tencent, Alibaba, all of them in creating their own niche in the market, for the development of this group of people enough products, rather than to the point of view of product into the market.

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