How China’s major websites make money


China’s several major portals have embarked on a different path to explore different ways of profit. Sina has repeatedly stressed the need to do Chinese media and Internet services for the main business of the portal, with value-added services to make money, Sohu continuously relevant communication and business of the joint venture, Sohu is committed to create online media, communications and commerce company, NetEase’s main business is SMS and games, has the trend of popular entertainment.

a, online advertising

advertising is almost a portal and the survival of most of the site magic. No advertising is not the Internet today, from the income structure of portal represents Sina, advertising revenue accounted for 1/3, and some smaller sites is almost rely on advertising to mix food, so that advertising is the first card profit weapon website.

advertising revenue for the site is the foundation of traditional e-commerce, and its effect is immediate, is a more practical income model. The main site of the existing network game advertising forms: banner, Button, and the recent hot column recommendation, activity title, icon, a pop-up window floating form. The form of Internet advertising will accumulate in the form of operators.

mode of operation:

The link of

network game website is a kind of management mode of network advertisement. The exchange of advertising sites between different game sites, reducing the flow of cash between each other. This type of advertising is not only in the online game site, but also between the game site and some portal site. This is also a commonly used online advertising business. The biggest contribution to the online advertising revenue should be the type of business that pays for advertising to get the brand’s publicity, and they may take all of the forms mentioned above. Speaking from the business income, the main beneficiaries of online advertising should be a huge number of registered users, very popular gaming sites.

to improve the effective rate of online advertising is an effective way to improve the site’s advertising revenue sources. As the operator of the website to feature their users landing is fuzzy, so the advertising effect was no professional magazines that are in place, this will greatly reduce the enthusiasm of businesses to choose the site as an advertising media. Therefore, as the operator of the site if you understand the characteristics of the background of the Internet users have their own web site, will expand the economic income brought about by online advertising.

key case:

1 Sina: inherent strong advertising revenue capacity has been leading, portal + online advertising model has been more mature.

website of sina’s business model is the information model, mainly through a lot of free of all kinds of news, hot news, the size of services to attract a lot of visitors, to form a fixed customer base, has maintained a very high hit rate and popularity, and then attract companies to advertise on Sina, to promote their products > through Sina ads

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