Under the financial crisis the most promising three money king


financial crisis, more than most people’s expectations, and its impact is gradually penetrated into various fields, the money scene in each industry bleak. As a personal webmaster, in the financial crisis to blaze a new trail, must choose the right way, at least for now, there are three "money king", is worth the webmaster choose


money scene one: give up the big and complete, the local characteristics of the site

webmaster Za portals, is clearly the most unwise, because does not have the resources, capital and human resources, most of the content can only rely on the acquisition and copy, equivalent to two traffickers of Internet information. On the contrary, if the webmaster to do the local characteristics of the site, but can play their own advantages, has its own unique information resources, so as to establish their own core competitiveness.

owners to build local characteristics of the site’s core competitiveness has three main aspects:

is the first core competence is the content and user you, because your website information is with the local economy, entertainment, leisure and life are closely related, so the content of your website easier to grasp the initiative choice, are also more likely to become the one and only, the residents naturally get recognized and loved, formed a lively discussion also, users will be stable. If your website can become the local residents travel, recreation collection, can wait for business to come.

second is the core competitiveness of your promotion advantage, do not need to spend a lot of money and publicity in the media, but limited to the specific region, promotion in this particular region, the promotion cost is far less than the national scope. Posters, organizing rallies, local news media public relations are very easy to manipulate the low cutting effect and obvious propaganda way.

third core competencies is the advantage of your investment clients, because your site is more clear investment clients: local businesses and businesses. Your site has been respected by local residents, will naturally be favored by local businesses, because your site and the merchant’s goal is more accurate: the local residents of the consumer. Perhaps, one of your advertising does not affect the page, as well as a page guide, to bring business is money!

Qian Jingzhi two network: to keep up with the pace of the times, innovation is king


network era is the most prominent key words: fast product updates fast, profit model changes fast, information dissemination fast, everything can not be separated from the "fast". As a webmaster, we must be able to keep up with the pace of the Internet era, otherwise it will only be eliminated.

in the 09 year after the advertising alliance and SP, as well as what kind of profit model is ready, there is strong profit potential? I want to say is 09 years, owners must not ignore the web game of this product, "the game can be said to be natural webmaster cooperation projects, join the web game platform" money scene considerable


let’s take a look at iResearch data: 2007 China Network >

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