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for mobile development and software development for the web server is not the same, Michael Mace recently made one of the pioneering founder of UserTesting User Research (in the past, apple Palm are responsible for marketing, product planning) made a speech, introduced some of their mobile end user survey results product.

Michael Mace first to share some basic rules, such as not the design principle in the mobile terminal is copied from the web version, but to forget what happened on the web, people think of what happens in the mobile terminal, you can provide what solutions.

specific content is as follows:

first, lower the threshold for user use. In fact, the word Michael Mace is "fear". He said that in the results of their investigation, many users in the first use of a mobile terminal products, there is some fear, mainly from three aspects: the account will not be compromised, the registration will not have the risk (privacy will be affected), and whether one does not pay attention to, fill in the information is synchronized to the social network.

"so from the user to open a software at the moment, it is necessary to give them a present to their credit, for example, especially in your product and social networking sites, more need to have clear social network user data description." At this point, Michael Mace and Any.do example, praised this site at this point, they do very well in the process of registration of users in a "Your tasks will not be linked to your Facebook account in any way." (if you do not agree, your schedule will not be in the association in any case and your Facebook account).

second, and most importantly, don’t let users confuse. Let users confuse things include: users do not understand the function, hidden features, slow speed, when the user is found to be trapped in these features can not give timely feedback.

Michael Mace believes that the reasons for these problems have several points: "the product is used for the majority of people, you can not expect 80% of the mainstream and understand the technical understanding of the design of the same as the 20%. Technology enthusiasts extreme will make products become very complicated, because they are designed for 20% people and himself." Another reason is that the design of the product will tend to put on the function of beauty, sliding and so on.

what should I do?

"never sacrifice functionality for beauty," says Michael Mace

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