n its position seek its political work is just a springboard


has been in Hangzhou for 25 days, and it takes about 15 days to get a job and the rest is at work. In this coming after the end of February once again I chose to leave, this time because I didn’t feel shy away, but to the general manager of the company and individual way, in communication and I learned a lot, and further to see their own shortcomings as well as what he has been trapped in their own "vicious circle". This is a summary, for the next job so that the future of the job search process alarm!

all the time, I have a problem, no matter what the problem is, both big and small, always love yourself feeling a little bit, wasting a lot of time in the invisible; even so, I still don’t want to bother others. In life and work are exactly the same, when I face the pressure of life, can not find the export performance, thereby affecting the loss at a loss what to do, when working, I would love to find another way to solve. But today, and the total horse exchange, to the point that I was trying to avoid, if again to this choice, they will form a vicious circle, never get out of the fence, then I will take a lot of detours. In other words, their own frame of mind, like the maze in the direction of the loss of the mouse……

work and life are often linked, if not resolved, but self entanglements, and ultimately may make the wrong choice and judgment. For example, the 8 day of work, I can say that there is no progress: to think they will always feel that doing boring things, not knowing that I can see is just the epidermis, and didn’t go to perform strictly, to in-depth analysis. Of course, I also have no strict self requirements, but, never thought to do a bit more muddle along. If things go on like this, I feel to learn anything, then I won’t get the trust of the boss, then how can their rapid growth and progress of


I work only as a "springboard", which doomed my work not hard to do, but do things carelessly, before I had not realized it was wrong, today on this point, I feel the horse is really referring to my heart to you to be called, work attitude determines your future income. I simply think that work only in order to survive, the so-called network resources, and so on, are relying on personal break out; if so, inevitably work of two minds, so do good work, not to the boss trust, how can you understand the nature of an industry, let yourself get talent shows itself. Appreciated? Everyone is going to grow, not everyone is a genius, does not need to accumulate, to gain wealth, contacts, resources etc.. Everything to a process, "in its position, to seek its political"

in my case, the horse always gives relevant suggestions, at the same time, it is for me, is undoubtedly a pledge to stick, let me further understand myself:

1, at work and life

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