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Sina blogger Siu Ming Tsui acknowledges that the blog has a commercial value, even though it is still far from the majority of bloggers.

              Siu Ming Tsui claimed as "celebrities", he writes to his blog on the stock market, up to 150 million, it also brings a month million advertising revenue for him, "don’t have much money," Siu Ming Tsui is very modest, "I am famous now, any city in the country, I casually gather five or six people." Because of its influence, Siu Ming Tsui acknowledges that the blog has a commercial value, even though it is still far away from most bloggers.

forecast market overnight fame

The success of Siu Ming Tsui

, in his own words is "I" in disorderly fashion, in finance, does not know what is the blog, purely by Sina editors fooled into the circle". But once you start writing, Siu Ming Tsui will send a get out of hand, "you don’t know what kind of feeling, the first blog by many people sought after, 3 months into the top 50, there are so many people want to listen to my prediction of stock market".

July 5, 2007, let Siu Ming Tsui from grassroots to celebrity decisive event occurs. A day earlier he made a bold forecast "below 3580 points" tomorrow, when the forecast really become a reality, Siu Ming Tsui fans have increased significantly, even still use "he replies" words, "it makes me feel sorry people write." Siu Ming Tsui carefully maintained the financial name Bo title. By the end of 2007, the editor of the website told him that the company wanted to advertise his page.

first only a few thousand dollars, Siu Ming Tsui did not care, but later he found that part-time job monthly income even tens of thousands, "don’t take it as a way of earning money, but it is a surprise". From the beginning of June 13, 2008, Siu Ming Tsui views blog from 50 million rise rapidly to 150 million, ranking sixth in the country, more than the popular "when the moon" and Li Chengpeng, who appeared in his blog advertisers include Chinese Unicom, NOKIA and China Telecom.

fine selection of advertising

however to successfully operate "is a chore," 4 hours a day and night Kanpan write comments, write 6 hours forecast." Think of a lot of people working hours every day but 8 hours, Siu Ming Tsui lamented his name Bo career really hard.

Siu Ming Tsui accumulated a unique "rich experience", "professional, do not know not to write, to have personality, even improper" title party "we can see the style, but also pay attention to rankings, even if just a, is a great encouragement for popularity." More to the point, Siu Ming Tsui refused to come to the advertisers, "you know those financial products if I just push on uneven in quality.

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