Google Advertising notice how to receive Google check


1, picture stand, reason: advertising can not match

2, the novel stand, the reason: the site is more than the old browser users, the basic will not generate clicks, advertising content and the content of the site visitors do not match

3, music station, reason: copyright, can not match the ad

4, movie station, reason: ditto

5, beauty gossip entertainment station, the reason: GGAD vulgar advertising is relatively small or not, the price is too low (suitable for slightly higher than the level of more than four points)

6, flash station, reason: advertising can not match

suitable for GGAD station:

1, computer professional and technical stations, such as specialized to do Linux, database, server, network equipment and other stations, the click rate is high, the unit price is high

2, a variety of industry stations, such as hardware, agriculture, steel, construction and other stations

3, female station: including but not limited to clothing, cosmetics, fashion, beauty,

above the station should be based on text, good page structure, good support for the search engine, appropriate and reasonable SEO, more original and essence of things

has been the recipient of the Google may know, is a very painful thing, need a long wait for

although a long time, but the fee is relatively cheap, so many people in this way

there is a courier Google, but it seems to $25, not very cost-effective


Google can support bank remittance, also is the Western Union, the fee is not high, is $15

but the speed is very fast, the application today, tomorrow will be able to receive.


has brought any money comrades pay the novice some skills, if did not receive much more to learn about the

, after all, the last time to get the money at the crucial moment of uncertainty, it is really a waste of effort oh.


related knowledge:

Google began to support bank transfer

finally got a little bit of a move, though it looked like a lot of trouble

westernunion, handled by this organization, but also have to know you can handle this business without local

as a commitment to Google Adsense localization, the Chinese, the publisher of more flexible payment completed in 2007, today the payment way formally to all Chinese publisher open.

regardless of whether it is suitable for all

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