The four basic steps to maximize the revenue of Google Adsense


· using Google Adsense some of the latest projects, pay attention to the results of the GOOGLE provided by the SCRAPERS, there will be a higher rate of return. But there is a problem that can only be done with the highest price can be clicked, you must test.

• Google Adsense provides a set of custom advertising settings to the webmaster. Because of this, you can customize the color of the site or the style of the site, such as settings, directly into the code and some aspects of the website style or color. Give visitors a guide, will not give users an aversion. Such as: visitors to the site to see your site full page is Google Adsense advertising, not to point to advertising may also cause visitors to the site’s normal click benefit.

• use appropriate keywords in content. But don’t overdo it. Know that GOOGLE is always more than you can count. The key can be used to replace the Google Adsense in a position will appear with the articles related to advertising, so that visitors can click on the interests of the ads increased. And the other is the advertising must choose and content related keywords, otherwise they even click and the cost is not high.

– of course, you have the most credible good results, I suggest that you better not go to those ads. Because it would be considered cheating. Of course, there is another argument that is not the point of advertising into the background management. Because there is a record of the site Google Adsense IP.

– Google Adsense to protect their own interests, to network marketing or Wangzhuan to create a good income. You choose Google Adsense ad, then you have to master a skill of Google Adsense, the right Google Adsense technology, you can get a high income Google

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