The law of 26 websites


after finishing, add some personal opinion, the feeling is still very useful, share.

      250 law

      Ladd think: every customer behind, there are roughly 250 relatives and friends. If you win the favor of a customer, it means to win the favor of 250 people; on the other hand, if you offend a customer, it means to offend the 250 customers.

      comment: in your web site visitors, a visitor may be able to bring a group of visitors, any web site has a start and development process, this process is particularly important.

      "it’s a great thing to take every visitor seriously," he said. "If you don’t have to meet an infected visitor.

Davido’s law

      Davido believes that an enterprise in order to always dominate the market, then we must do the first to develop new products, and the first out of their old products.

      comments: domestic websites to follow suit too serious, for example, some time ago the lattice, begging,, a successful, everyone swarmed. But the actual effect is that the first well-known often the most successful, so in the site’s positioning, to move their brains, not to pick up the rest of the customer. Similarly, to buy people to sell the data to build the effect is very bad.

      said: learn from other people’s good ideas, try to add some of their own ideas, once there is a unique, attractive content, follow the trend will bring success.

barrel law
      bucket Law refers to a bucket can hold much water, depends entirely on its shortest piece of wood. This means that any organization may face a common problem, that constitutes the various parts of the organization often determines the level of the entire organization.

      comment: pay attention to look at their website, is the worst? Art is the worst? The worst publicity? The first thing you need to do is not to improve the strongest, but to be the weakest.

Matthew effect

      "there is a story in the New Testament", a former king travels to the three servants money a person, told them: "you have to do business, when I came back to see me again." When the king came back, the first servant said, "master, you give it to me."

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