The bitter experience of the failure of the nternet venture


dream is always beautiful, when the dust settles the dream, everything may be different, when you look back for so many years, seeing Huakaihuaxie, life change radically ever having much confidence, how much memory has become the past, "entrepreneurial" this two word is a very want to try but dare not go try the process for many people, the following kinwell talk to you I have ever experienced that failure, hope to give some suggestions about entrepreneurial friends.


after graduation in 2009, entered by Kingsoft Jinshan campus recruitment, at that time in the development of WPS, and my job is to do WPS tests, large and small companies are very different, in strict system, standardized processes, the complex interpersonal relationship finally let oneself choose to leave. After leaving Kingsoft in June, met a female boss, through the exchange and communication has been appreciated, when she was just trying to start, in the dream and passion of incitement, I also joined the entrepreneurial team. We do the project at that time is the wedding industry friends, Lily network Jiayuan is also not so fire, If You Are The One is just emerging, then our position is to build a platform of Southern China area professional wedding. The reason for this is that the positioning of the wedding has a giant fence net, when we just involved in this industry many of our business and the function of imitation of the website, just start a business because of funding is limited, it is difficult to please some technical technical team better, so we choose the way of outsourcing website, when the site construction has arrived in September, when a good website, we began to recruit clerk for investment, a propaganda work in future and positioning when we and others about our website and we are going to do, one after another, some businessmen come in, then enter after all is very limited. A problem of investment we came in after the rest of the face is the site was linked to horse, because we lack of technical staff is very professional, had no choice but to ask the network company, at the same time to solve the network can not be timely response, finally some businesses complain and opinions.


website about operating for more than 2 months, the website traffic has been, the daily visits of the poor, at that time because our propaganda is very limited, mainly through some QQ group, the forum, at that time did not understand what is SEO. In this case, it is more and more difficult. We have thought about the way behind the network advertising is very advertising, so also found the Baidu alliance to cooperate, the results of less than a week when thousands of dollars will be exhausted. So we chose to change the direction of the wedding line to do friends. At that time, because there are certain connections in the local and local municipal committee together with a friend at the beginning of the project, the municipal Party committee very strong appeal, remember the first event probably to thousands of people, also is the campaign for a lot of people know our company, also began to make a point. Because of the Communist Youth League declaration > behind

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