The classification of Web site


After more than 10 years of vigorous development of the Internet, today has a lot of polymorphic color website. It is these sites created resplendent with variegated coloration network in the world. Some of these sites are only one thousand or two thousand yuan investment, and some investment in the hundreds of billions of dollars, the difference between them exactly where? To solve this problem, we first need a classification method of a website will the site be arranged in different poses and with different expressions. Site classification method has been formed with a very strong Yahoo brand, are very similar to the site in accordance with the different nature of the main body is divided into the government website, enterprise website, commercial website, website, website of education and scientific research institutions and other non-profit organizations and other types of websites. But this classification is too superficial, not to help us further analysis. Obviously, the same as the ministerial level government website, the Ministry of agriculture website and the Ministry of foreign affairs website, whether from the investment scale or technical content there are qualitative differences. Combined with several years experience with web site development, and analysis of the major domestic famous website summary, I made an attempt to from a new perspective will be arranged so complex websites provide help for website planners.

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