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festival every year, particularly this year! This year’s Y Combinator Business School ceremony held at the Stanford University Memorial Auditorium, the annual festival there are about 2000 participants, there are several large coffee from the sector to make a speech.

includes the social networking giant Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zukerberg, the founder of Travis car rental application Uber Kalanick, Y Combinator Jessica Livingston, partner in the picture of social networking sites Pinterest founder Ben Silberman, founder of Github Tom Preston-Werner and the Japanese e-commerce giant cool days founder Hiroshi Mikitani. I summarize some of the most attractive speeches that I think I have, and summarize them.

Mark Zukerberg, Facebook co-founder and CEO


you can’t judge everything by Pareto’s law must have what you do best;

didn’t decide to drop out before Facebook had 1 million users,

What is the function of

allows users to decide to go back to Facebook again?. We are born to see people, not desks and chairs, nor space. Humans, for example, are the only animals that dream about social interaction;

a natural way to define science and technology is "because it extends human capabilities". Glasses can let people see things, computers extend your thinking. Steve Jobs once called the car computer thought. On the other hand, social networking sites can expand your relationships;

I’ve seen a lot of companies struggling to solve small problems, but for me, the most interesting question is to run around the world, to understand some of the basic issues.

Travis Kalanick, founder of Uber


when you are successful, not everyone will cheer for you. The longer you solve the problem, you will find that the government or corruption or both have been trying to protect them;

after a bad day, I usually look at the monthly income statement;

The math department of the

Uber will do the following: keep the time waiting for the user to remain at a minimum, but the demand forecast remains at a relative

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