Trash Ali mother station K meiliangxin quanqian


the day before yesterday found that Ali’s mother click on the ad was stopped, the legal income is frozen, this is the message sent by Ali.

thank you very much to the Ali Mama advertising! Unfortunately, after a detailed manual verification, your website on "click" data of abnormal data, in order to protect the interests of buyers, suspended in your mom "click click billing" ads, advertising revenue will be frozen and before would you please check; on this phenomenon, and please after receiving this notice, provide details within one week of submission. Thank you again for your support for Ali


I admit that cheating does not rule out the owners of an evil member of the herd, but Ali mother really stood on the point of view of what our webmaster to us, click on the so-called abnormal data what is to say, before the income is our legitimate income, Ali mother and what do these money do not freeze, and finally is the mom in the pockets of his.Google when freezing of all advertising revenue will be returned to the advertiser, unless the Baidu alliance is a serious cheating, general letter after payment of legitimate income. Ali Mama, stationmaster income neither to advertisers, but also not to the main site. The so-called ", this is " freezing; a typical way eat the defendant and the plaintiff.K station after the owners of the income on the return of their own, this is the source of power station K, would rather kill the wrong One thousand, also do not want to let go, as long as you have the possibility of cheating 1%, then 100%k you are not just K station, below I will give strong evidence.

Most of the owners are

K when the larger flow changes was sealed, in fact, Ali judge cheating is very simple, the flow rate changes, this is cheating. This provides strong evidence, when I apply for unsealing, Ali mother gave me the answer is:

I’m very sorry, after a review of existing data anomalies of your website, can not get down, now mom staff will study for two months on your website, if your website data is normal, will receive. Thank you again for your support for Ali


big joke, hang their code 2 months to determine whether it is normal, was closed after the help wanted advertising one point, certainly no one point. What makes you click this can only judge abnormal statistics but also is the flow, or flow through to Ali after all is said and done to determine whether cheating is normal. Ali, you do not have the Baidu, Google technology is not a sham, what rubbish advertising alliance.

and this hanging two months is just a hint of Ali, he can do free advertising, but also can improve the rankings, he also can help you recover when anger over nobody do it advertising. Before Ali was not like this, I guess may be said to be the winter horse halo >

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