Several methods of soft Wangzhuan


today to know what is the soft, soft, which several expressions:

1 I put an article in this sentence, which is the first form of soft advertising expression, is the site type.

advantages: can directly indicate their advertising.

disadvantages: the administrator is not happy, you deleted.

if you want to use a similar form of advertising, then the best way is to use articles similar to the relevant content.

For example:

bus corn is how to do a monthly income of 6W? He is in the introduction of their own experience, referred to their own projects, the annual profit of millions of methods. For example, he cited his website. This article because of constantly being reproduced, because the administrator also know, this article Riga web site, not obvious advertising, but to illustrate and examples.

2 when we read the Yellow novel. Often see some QQ.

such as "I’m handsome, male, 1 m 84, 21 cm, looking for lonely young woman, my QQ is XXXX"

often has a similar ad in some erotic novels. Because the porn station audit is not strict, so generally do not give delete.

there’s another one, I’ll give you an example.

himself, female, seeking…… The personals, then inside their own QQ.

this is the second form, that is, QQ

advantages: make people feel real.

disadvantages: administrators will delete.

just mentioned 3 tomato, tomato antivirus net Wangzhuan

I mentioned the corn bus just now. This is another form, is the site name.

, for example, recently, on the corn bus sued Sina infringement lawsuit by the people’s Court of Haidian District. This time, we will search the corn bus.

advantages: administrators generally do not delete.

disadvantages: loss of part of the flow.

4 I knew he had a QQ monitoring software installed on my computer, so I took my clothes off there and seduced him until he called me and moaned.

this time, we feel that this software is very good, but also monitoring, so pay close attention to the search.

For example,

and QQ chat partner, free text, basically take the form of soft Wen promotion.

      5 founding willow. This is the name of the form.

advantages: easy to arouse the interest of others.

disadvantages: there are too many advantages.


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