For the first team Wangzhuan moral responsibility


Admin5 commentary "from QQ and 360 dog bite dog: speaking of the China Wangzhuan" shameless depravity "at the very point may become a new demon Tencent, relying on strong team resource monopoly market, because of its monopoly, it can do whatever they want, but unbridled bully weak" our group of Internet, have expressed for the ethical concerns. In fact, this issue, whether it is for the benefit of the team internal, or external, have been concerned about.

congenital wicked road Chinese Wangzhuan

is similar to the Tencent NetEase such as Internet Co’s entrepreneurial path is not to imitate the majority of practitioners Wangzhuan walked down the path, and these different Internet predators. If you want to analyze Chinese Wangzhuan development, understand the "day to earn 500 yuan, to make money online" secret book of good reference. In this book, especially in the first half, the secret of a large number of ways to trap traffic.


admits that some methods do not even have a lack of moral work in just ways, the. These methods, some are to understand the original, some of the industry’s prevailing operating practices, very representative. One of the most controversial, rather than the acquisition of color flow into the SP page to defraud the phone fee method.

The beginning and the development of

Chinese Wangzhuan, full of temptation and deception, is a typical "inborn wicked". It is a congenital wicked, is not the most terrible, the most terrible is, Wangzhuan industry did not feel blush, moral bottom line has low to unimaginable levels. Congenital wicked can remedy, but the loss of moral consciousness, it is difficult to correct.

for the Wangzhuan moral argument

at the beginning of November, at the forum in a headline: "Jiang Hui is an apology in class today irresponsible remarks" post, the effect is to apologize to the student teams part method about web access original articles to share for the evening of November 6th (Jiang Hui Jiang Hui in the elite group of class apology and reflection recording:

in the evening of November 6, 2010, for the internal VIP time course, for which the division on the "speaking lecturer spring site original article how to get" problem. The end of the lecture, Jiang Hui also shared their own point of view, and throws an inappropriate remarks by marriage personals website to get emotional articles, get through the Witkey low cost. Specifically, is released through marriage personals revelation, collect the candidate’s personal statement, organized into the original articles, or go to the essay, can get a large number of original articles with a small amount of money.

After the

statement immediately exit, students protested, directly linked to Jiang Hui I expressed their dissatisfaction, "pointed out that the marriage partner", belong to "play with others", and essay method, also have a moral.

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