Some suggestions for students to start their own business on the nternet


here to talk about, I am also a student, so some ideas for college students and the situation is still somewhat understand. Here, I focus on student groups on the Internet to do a few points of my humble opinion.

can be roughly divided into two categories:

, a technology based

this kind of students entrepreneurship easier, because they have the technology foundation support, and the way of entrepreneurship has many choices, I’ll look at examples.


it’s a good way to start a business, but you need a team. The project approach is the line can also be online (pig Witkey, etc.), the project can be quickly development, website background development, SEO, ERP, technical support etc.. Well paid, of course, the premise is that your technology is hard enough.

intermediate agent

take some goods from some manufacturers to help them sell in the Taobao store, and then divided into. Can be your own shop, you can also help businesses manage their shops, in a word, is that you help businesses sell products, businesses give you commission. Profits are also considerable, the specific benefits of individual promotion and management capabilities, and above the first, the need for a team to support.

own website

can do Baidu alliance, also can do Taobao guest. The former is more professional, higher requirements for the site, and the site must be filed, more trouble. Taobao guest is relatively simple, the third party can also do a free blog page Taobao guest, or to see their own needs and plans.

two, no technology based

these students can learn professional and not about computer, or in the school in DOTA, LOL bestie fish in troubled waters, open the black passion. This part of the students may be more business minded.

1) Taobao sell virtual products

this depends on luck, if business is good, you can count the money. The method is very simple, find businesses purchase of a real-time card generation software, buyers to purchase virtual cards you through your shop, directly through the software to automatically generate a secret, generally 100 yuan prepaid recharge card profit of about 0.4 yuan, prepaid card game profit is relatively high, about 0.6 yuan to 0.7 yuan, or 1 dollars. But the most important thing is that you do not have the credibility of the shop, trading volume is very small, but long-term to do, can not only make money online shop brush up, or good.



I didn’t want to say this, but since my article is talking about the Internet business, training or not excluded. Played the game the students must know what is also leveling, can earn five thousand or six thousand a month training professional team. But I do not advocate this venture

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