Skype launch a large scale gift and sweepstakes


      log on Skype software will be able to toll free! Reporters learned from the Chinese official website TOM online Skype, from today (15) from the official launch of the domestic long-distance calls " Skype; ". From now until November 7th, the user as long as the use of more than Skype3.2 simplified Chinese version, log will be sent 5 minutes of domestic long-distance calls.

      it is reported that, in order to promote the use of Skype to more people, the TOM online free Skype calls free is very large: from now until November 7th, as long as users use Skype3.2 above Chinese simplified version, login will send 5 minutes by domestic long-distance calls. Activities held 4 weeks, more than 2 times a week, more than 10 times a week online, you can receive a domestic call for more than 20 minutes, the maximum period of time can receive a gift of $85. In addition, TOM online every Wednesday to hold a happy draw " " activities, prizes include Newman MP3 player, Newman GSM phone business, USB handle, Rising Antivirus card etc.. Each Skype user also has 20 minutes a week to receive calls and draw a chance. The majority of users can log on Skype Chinese official website, the detailed rules of the activities of the query.

      it is understood that Skype is currently the world’s most outstanding Internet voice and video chat tools, global registered users have more than 173 million, while the world’s highest number of simultaneous online breakthrough of 9 million. At the end of September 2007, Skype Chinese area the number of registered users exceeded 51 million. According to the second quarter of 2007 China Instant Messaging Market quarterly monitoring report "Analysys International recently released", in all domestic instant communication tools in the second quarter, Skype registered users of the largest increase, an increase of 18%, while the number of online users increased by 35%, while the highest number of online users in the domestic market ranked fourth.

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