Graphic tutorials tell you how to choose a good Taobao customer products


currently do API station has a lot of people doing, but the contents of a large number of duplicate API station is also not easy to be included and weight of Baidu also in a large area of the establishment of API Taobao station to clean up, so we are going to talk about today, is to do the skills in sub categories and single keyword.

choose a good Taobao customer products have 3 elements:

1, the product should be hot

2, product price

3, product commission

the above 3 elements I will slowly analysis, well, ADO, promote Taobao customers, product selection is the key! Today we take acne products to do an example. Let’s take a look at a set of data, the first is Baidu index, look not to speak


is Taobao keyword table: 2010-07-05 top5 million Taobao keyword on the "acne" keywords, the tables have to download

in the Taobao community sector weekly data

maybe you will feel this vocabulary is not authoritative, so we take the 2010-06-01 2010-06-30 Taobao data cube data to see, sorted according to the number of transactions, we can find that in the "facial" that a two grade classification, the number of transactions of keywords ranking in the top 8 of the transactions, "Acne" occupy 3.

through the picture above, I think the acne should be a very suitable for the promotion of the product and worth us to do Taobao off the project. So we will say from the previous 3 elements to be analyzed one by one, why should be considered.

first point: products to sell

first of all, we want to make it clear that the fact that in Taobao, the more hot selling products, the better the subsequent sale. The less the product is, the harder it is to start. Followed by Taobao mall stores have advantages than ordinary Taobao stores, because Taobao mall store is the history of total sales, while the average store is the last 30 days cumulative sales.

for example, the same product "whitening skin spring cream acne acne India" in May 2010 and June for 2 months, in the "white skin spring flagship store" and "white skin spring C shop", monthly sales are respectively 1000 and 2000, but when the show. "Fair skin spring flagship store display is 3000, and the" white skin spring ordinary C shop display is 2000. This advantage is more obvious in the late.

at the same time there are various types of mandatory consumer protection measures such as congenital conditions, so the promotion of the time to choose the mall than the general C shop publicity. At present, Taobao mall shop has three categories: flagship stores, specialty stores, stores can be seen from the end of the treasurer of the ID, at the same time in the promotion of acne products, screening 25% commission rate, price 45 yuan, ranking 30 days in accordance with the promotion of the amount, as of money

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