Google executives lie Claiming to be the inventor of AdSense


Beijing on July 6th news, according to a report by Google, vice president of product management Susan – Wojcicki (Susan Wojcicki) said in an interview, Google AdSense creative was raised by her, the statement by the famous technology blog retorted, said Susan is lying.

Susan – and her behind the garage

Susan received an MBA degree in 1998, after which she paid $232 for Susan Margarita street, No. 600 thousand. Soon after, two of Standford’s students with a $1700 monthly rent this garage to start their new company, Larry – founder of the two students is Paige Google (Larry Page) and Sergei brin (Sergey Brin).

at the same time, Susan’s fate is also completely changed because of this garage. Susan is the most early Google employees, she has now become a senior Google, as vice president of product management Google, she is mainly responsible for Google’s online advertising business.

in addition to Susan, her husband Denis (Dennis Troper) an operations manager is Google; the financial department of her brother-in-law Gregor once worked for Google; and her mother Aisite – Wojcicki (Esther Wojcicki), as a teacher at the same time Google in education consultant. In addition, in May this year, Susan’s sister Anne (Anne Wojcicki) and brin Wojcicki held a wedding ceremony in Bahamian archipelago. Since then, Google has invested $3 million 900 thousand to the company founded by Anne.

in an interview with, Susan said he was the inventor of Google AdSense. But the technology blog believed that Susan was lying, AdSense was first invented by a California company called Applied Semantics in October 2002, and the Google AdSense copy version is launched in March 2003, a month later, Google bought Applied Semantics and began to use the name AdSense. also said that Susan was not the first counterfeiters, there had been creative Google employees less than 10 AdSense that is put forward.

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