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hot mobile Internet business areas, there are many new applications into every day, China development is limited to the wireless network, small and medium-sized developers shortage of funds, not like a big company by increasing the server, set up the base station and other methods to solve the network congestion problem. The development of the industry to drive the transformation of related services now, CDN technology company began to expand the traditional Internet to mobile Internet service, "entrepreneur" interview with the largest CDN service provider chinacache ChinaCache founder and chairman Wang Song, let him in the cloud computing technology matures, gradually under the background of wide application, hot topics mobile Internet era CDN service related about their point of view, the following is an interview with:

Some people think that

used to do CDN service using cloud computing technology fudge a greater number of components, it is not true, not only that, in the rapid development of mobile Internet, cloud CDN will have greater development space. Last year, I went to the Amazon, they have a large cloud computing platform, the service carries a dozen mobile Internet applications, accounting for a large part of the Amazon cloud platform. At the same time, the application of the above Facebook, or App store above some of the basic App in the Amazon to do these platforms, to survive. Zynga game companies, most of the new games, whether in the mobile terminal or in the PC side, are running on the cloud platform.

mobile Internet is a huge opportunity for CDN service providers. Many analysts said before the United States, LTE (can be seen as quasi 4G Technology) after the popularity of the mobile Internet is a disaster. Why is it a disaster in the future mobile Internet traffic will show exponential growth. In the past, the traditional Internet to PC as a unit, the home of one or two computers, and now the mobile Internet one can not wait to have a terminal two. Growth in the application of Internet traffic is an exponential growth, the pressure on the network is unprecedented.

for the terminal, the computer terminal because of its ability to comb very strong, it gives you the bandwidth transmission is actually disproportionate, so it is not a bottleneck. To the mobile Internet, mobile terminals are not the same, the user experience will not be the same. Different versions of iPhone, different versions of Android, different mobile phones, the user experience is completely different. 3G, Wifi and other network applications will also cause different user experience. Chinacache introduced the content aware network service strategy including the wireless network and wired network, WIFI, 3G variety of network aware and tablet computer, mobile phone and other terminal service quality and customer perception, to provide a better experience for them.

mobile operators is the most headache today’s mobile Internet Applications >

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