Mike Ruiteng launched new alliance can benefit the development of offline


Recently Mike Ruiteng advertising company launched a pyramid style advertising alliance, alliance member referrals may obtain extra income. Mike Ruiteng is alliance marketing brand Beijing wonder Advertising Co. Ltd. to build, built on the basis of the creation of rich resources of advertisers and media on the miracle. We have reason to believe that the effectiveness of media will become the network advertising market winner, we have reason to believe that network marketing alliance will move towards a more professional, healthy direction

in the rapid development of the Internet advertising today, advertisers pay more attention to the ultimate effect of network advertising, in order to avoid blindly put large sums of money and waste, and the choice of the basis of advertising effect and the actual payment mode. But due to the current number of advertising alliance, many of its resources predatory uneven in quality, the extensive operation mode leads to many problems, seriously hurt the interests of the website. The current status of worrying many network alliance, occupy the largest share of the advertising market SP vendors and C2C B2C e-commerce enterprises, affected by the policy and market factors, the business is not stable or not yet mature, so many personal website of website of income is not stable, the website alliance is faced with "survival or death" test. More attempts to use the actual advertising site owners have even proposed: garbage flow? Money Union? Briefcase? Question.

The mode of operation of

field effect as newborn, Mike Ruiteng in order to increase the number of media cooperation and expand high-quality customers better, in fruitful autumn Beijing, facing the country’s Internet industry launched a new alliance member cooperation incentive system – "V" plan to promote the direction towards a healthy development of strong alliance marketing.

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