Some problems in the development of personal website


Now the webmaster, always like to spend a lot of time in the domain name, website style, and even some webmaster, spent in front of this time is greater than the publicity and operation. Seems to have become a common problem of all the owners.


some good domain name station, IP always be gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, do not come, but also too high, do not want friendship, not willing to use the skills.

site is important to traffic, traffic sources on publicity and content, 2 are indispensable, but must be content to go to the front of the content to flow, flow tube to live, have their own unique things + must be something that you stand, even if the domain name again! Users will find ways to fix. Remember the word search, etc.. On the other hand, the surface of your station is again good, also can get the Webmaster Station webmaster forum cool. The disadvantage is that you own.

2, the first step is very tired, more than 3000 of how to do? "

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