Five talk about the classification of higher project


to talk about the higher classification project today, as far as I know, your project can be divided into 5 categories, respectively, click on the survey, surfing, games and the integration.

PTC, first click Wangzhuan class. Most PTC sites are abroad, the development speed is very fast, almost every day of the new site was born, there is a good reputation, there are crooks station; home also has a small part, but the development is relatively slow, slow credit, payment. Click on the station to make friends know that the PTC cycle is short, the general pre payment can be obtained, and the rate of payment is also very fast, to the latter will soon be closed down, which has become a law of PTC. So a new beginning will choose PTC, because of its high efficiency in unit time, get paid quickly and find the superior return with figurines.

second, domestic and foreign research projects. This project is generally the company to start, with commercial characteristics, the survey is a meaningful market demand or favorable conclusions. In the investigation of the crowd will be limited to the company’s investigation, such a strong pertinence, the conclusions are also very close to the actual. Do a survey of friends can make a survey of the time to pay more, while the income will be more than PTC, and not every day, and can not be the same as the PTC project can be done once a day.

third, hang up surfing wangzhuan. There is a surf bar to download the surf automatically, there is a direct login web surfing, very popular in the European countries this project. Surfing a variety of forms, is to earn points by hook method, then according to the exchange rate for the corresponding euro, so this project can not be limited by time, some web addicts often hang in there all day, while doing other things, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

fourth, Wangzhuan game. By doing some activities such as project on the Internet you can get benefits, is very popular among young people of all ages, because of its high entertainment, can play in the game when the harvest of happiness and money, which is the most attractive places.

fifth, comprehensive wangzhuan. It contains all the items except the 4 types mentioned above, such as voting, task, registration, post, etc.. There are a lot of individuals engaged in the project, but also the company’s projects, generally more decentralized, easy to use, to gain more and less.

99 net Wangzhuan remind friends: make a choice for their own good reputation do Wangzhuan project, find a good supervisor, try to avoid being.


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