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in 2012 can be said to be the electricity supplier of the year, although the "winter" theory still exists, but this year the electricity industry can be described as fast. Buy constantly in the reshuffle, the first echelon began to profit. Vertical electricity supplier in the event of a variety of mergers and acquisitions and capital dilemma, the development prospects are still optimistic about the industry. In the traditional electricity supplier giants, the price war is still fierce. Double eleven is in the major electricity supplier giants compete to become an online shopping feast. Tencent, Jingdong, Alibaba and other giants, become the electricity supplier industry in 2012 2012 the end of the protagonist, not come to the party, in 2013 will continue, several giants in the new year will continue to flow in for station to exhaust all the skills can be said, who made, traffic entrance advantages, who will be in fierce competition business foothold.

as the two largest domestic C2C platform, Taobao, on 2012 performance are remarkable. In particular, pat, as a latecomer to the C2C platform, the pace of progress in itself is a bit late than Taobao, but the results are steady in the L. There is news that the Tencent established the electricity supplier self + open "business model, QQ online shopping as the main brand integrated open platform business electricity supplier’s Tencent, QQ will upgrade to QQ online shopping mall, pat will also exist as part of the QQ online shopping market, to meet consumer demand for the long tail. Taobao is promoting the pace of operation Tmall brand, and this is precisely the move followed by Taobao Taobao, the intention of its hundreds of millions of QQ users into more electricity supplier users and beyond the important initiatives. It can be said that 2013 is a year to pat the force, in the flow of contention, the pat will certainly have a bigger move.

personal webmaster has been the main promotion platform C2C electric drainage objects. Taobao was able to have today’s achievements, inseparable from the Taobao alliance and Taobao customers credit. And now, with the development of Tmall brand, and Ali’s shopping guide website scouring the development of the role of Taobao passenger is weakening, the use of Taobao owners earn commission difficulty is also increasing. In particular, at the end of this year, Taobao alliance to adjust the promotion strategy to prohibit the promotion of Taobao customers through the form of cash back to the site, the operation of the Taobao website to further enhance the difficulty. In this case, the timely introduction of Tencent electricity supplier promotion platform easy promotion (http://s.etg.qq.com/), vigorously develop pat. Relying on pat platform quality businesses, with the help of individual owners to attract traffic, to achieve a win-win situation and pat.

although compared to Taobao customers, pat the guests to come a little late, but this does not prevent the establishment of a two-way relationship between the clap and the relationship between the owners. From the point of view of the use of the owners, although there are still some shortcomings to be improved, but there are many advantages worthy of owners to try. After all, now only choose Taobao guest, the channel is too simple, promotion is also difficult. More choices can also be based on the characteristics of the site to choose their own promotion methods and products.

pat off compared to Taobao customers, there are three major advantages: 1 high-quality pat off may apply for cabinet >

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