Can be seen on my site to show Google AdSense ad


site users after the completion of the Google HTML code, you will not necessarily be able to see the show at your station advertising content. In my experience, if you have already applied and joined the Google AdSense advertising program, and successfully AdSense HTML ad code into your station ", then, after adding Google HTML code and uploaded to the WEB server, there will be one of the following conditions:

a, immediately display Google AdSense ad;

b, a few minutes later, the show Google AdSense ad

the above two cases may be: your URL is already in the index list in Google, that is to say this page in your website has been included in the search engine Google, so Google will be in a very short period of time, for your station distribution and display the corresponding advertising content on a web page.

c, a few hours later, display Google AdSense advertising;

the reason for this may be your site is not in the index list in Google, then Google will be as soon as possible to search and included in this page, then the distribution of advertising content, so that it can take hours to show Google AdSense advertising.

but in the crawl your site, Google may show advertisements or you specify alternative ads, users just click on these advertisements, will not bring you hits, you will not increase in the Google AdSense ad plan income. At this point we do not have to worry too much, because Google will launch a folding advertising in the near future, when there is no correlation with the content of the page advertising, advertising can be folded, does not make your web page not beautiful.

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