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do God carved sirloin, I know it will not be successful. Of course, the core reason for the failure in the sentence can be said that, too. Away from the Internet, away from the investment circle, away from the hustle and bustle, slowly do value, slowly harvest. By the way, the thinking about the dream counter attack, mostly in the consumption of grass root dream to make money.

/ Zong Ning (Almighty bear)



do God carved sirloin, I know it will not be successful. The reason is very simple, because before contact with CDH and South beauty. I don’t believe what a miracle, do not become South Beauty CDH thing, I don’t think God carved can be made. Of course, we can look forward to counter attack scenario psychological, but I think people don’t challenge common sense.

of course, the core reason for the failure in the sentence can be said that, too. Of course, this article will not end here, including Huang Taiji problem is the same, too. I remember in December 2013 last year, Huang Tai Chi announced that sales will reach six in the next one hundred million months, and now in November 30, 2014, I have been too lazy to check. Later, Huang Taiji opened rhubarb and cattle mad Hot pot stew, God carved on Xue pan skewers and beaver family. This is why I comment on these matters is to learn a hot project then fried the next project experience, fully tap the value of an event, if this thing is cool or yellow, is a big loss. God told me that this is the parallel entrepreneurs, in fact, this is only the use of investment circles popular hot habits. God carved is of course very clever people, the chain when Taobao caught the tide, and now seize the Internet thinking of this wave, the former has brought a lot of cash, the latter began to enter the capital operation level. Amazing, it is worth learning, the only need to pay attention to is how to fly up landing. Recently heard that the air purifier.

we continue to say objectively carved sirloin model did not succeed. In order to avoid some people say that if the future will not be able to do a good job to do it? The God of the soft writing is very good, some are written for everyone to see, some are written for investors to see. For example, article writing and Haidilao founder’s younger brother to eat, that carved sirloin does not make money, but money is not a reason to spend, invest in central kitchen and marketing what, after making money. This is for investors to see, this article is in January of this year, 10 months later, the God is opening the door of the eighth stores, you guess the money to do it?

why the restaurant industry investment so pit, or back to the beginning of the story, why not listed South Beauty CDH investments, this story can write a book, you can find out. We only say why the restaurant industry is difficult to market. Suddenly, this problem is to write a book, you can search relevant keywords, especially to check what is the level of CDH investment company. We’re going to be big

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